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About Producers Cooperative

Producers Cooperative - Bryan, TexasIn its most basic sense, a cooperative is a “user-owned and democratically controlled business in which benefits are received in proportion to use.”

The Texas Cooperative Marketing Act was passed in 1921, to encourage the intelligent and orderly marketing of agricultural products in a cooperative manner. Since that time, hundreds of agricultural cooperatives have been established... including Producers Cooperative Association.

More than six decades ago, a small group of industrious farmers and ranchers decided to pool their resources to purchase rail cars of grain for their livestock. On March 15, 1943, these men officially chartered the Brazos County Producers Cooperative Association.

In 1962, a new facility was built on the present site, and the name was changed to Producers Cooperative Association.

Our rich heritage, coupled with more than six decades of hard work and dedication from employees, members, and member-elected board members, laid the foundation for growth and expansion that has far exceeded all our expectations.

Today, PRODUCERS is a diversified agricultural supply cooperative providing livestock feeds, seed, fertilizer, fuel and lubricants, and agricultural equipment and a wide array of farm and ranch supplies to more than 10,000 farmers and ranchers throughout southeast and south central Texas.

For a one-time investment of $10, agricultural producers, regardless of size, can become a stockholder and actively participate in the organization. Through the patronage refund (dividend) program active members share in the profits generated annually by their cooperative. These dividends are distributed each spring in cash and preferred stock/equity credits,and are based upon the previous year’s net earnings, and the amount of business done with the association. Preferred stock is currently being retired every fifth year, and it represents one of the best stock retirement programs of any cooperative in the country.