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Our Mission & History

Our Mission
To enhance our members' profitability by providing innovative, high quality, least-cost products, programs and services through a well operated, profitable, customer-sensitive agricultural cooperative.

Our History
Since Producers Cooperative Association was formed in 1943, it has become one of the largest member-owned local agricultural supply cooperatives in the nation. Visionary leaders, loyal members and dedicated employees have worked together to build a sustainable cooperative.

1940s... Brazos County Producers Cooperative Association chartered at least 17 members who loaded grain from boxcars to feed primarily turkeys and chickens. The first year of business yielded $4,355 in savings. As local dairy business gained momentum, Producers began to meet their feed needs. A locker division also provided members with custom slaughtering and processing for all types of livestock.

1950s... As upland cotton production declined, members began to improve pastures with grasses such as Coastal and Alicia. Producers became a manufactured feed hub for local ranchers.

1960s... In 1962, Producers took on its current name and moved from downtown Bryan to the present location. A feed mill, warehouse and store were built. As members became more concerned about herd health, Producers expanded its animal health products and farm/ranch equipment lines.

1970s... A fertilizer division was formed in 1973 and in the following year, Producers began delivering fuel.

1980s... In 1982, Producers built the first automated fueling facility in the area. The first "million-dollar year" was in 1984 as the cooperative had a savings of $1,073,371 (up $328,528 from the previous year). The locker division was discontinued in 1988 and in 1989, a full-line Garden Center was established.

1990s... An addition to the supply store was built in 1994. Other building projects included the fuel center, petroleum building and fertilizer additions.

21st Century... Producers Cooperative Association has continued to grow while remaining customer-sensitive. With loyal members and an independent philosophy, Producers Cooperative will continue to enhance our members' profitability for years to come.