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Cubed feeds are excellent for supplementing beef cattle in the pasture.  They are nutritionally effective and provide a great opportunity to check an entire herd at one time.

PRODUCERS offers five different cubed feeds for beef cattle that cover a broad range of energy and protein needs.   These cubes are 3/4" in diameter and designed to be fed on the ground, which eliminates the need and expense of troughs, feeders and other types of feeding equipment.  Producers also can easily adjust the amount being fed.

See the lineup of PRODUCERS Cubes below.


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  Producers 14% High Energy Cube   Product Information
A 14% protein cube containing a large percentage of grain. Suitable for all classes of cattle when a depression of dry grass intake is desired. Also an excellent choice when cattle are grazing green forages that are typically high in protein (i.e. rye, oats and wheat). Can be used to put condition on all classes of cattle. More Info
  Producers 20% Pasture Cube   Product Information
An economical cube with 20% all-natural protein and 14% fiber. It is a good choice for basic maintenance of mature, non-lactating cattle, or for calling up the herd. More Info
  Producers Cattleman's Dewormer Cube - Medicated   Product Information
A 20% all-natural cube using all-vegetable protein and includes SafeGuard for an easy-to-use, convenient method for deworming cattle. Safe for all classes of beef cattle. Feed one pound for each 500 pounds of bodyweight. Do not use within 13 days of slaughter. More Info
  Producers Cottonseed Cube   Product Information
This product consists solely of cottonseed meal, and is available either in meal or cube form. It can be fed as often as everyday or as little as once a week. The original in high protein supplementation! More Info
  Producers Range Breeder Cube   Product Information
Our best cube, featuring 20% all-natural protein, 8.5% fiber, 3% fat and fortified with phosphorus, calcium,vitamin A and other trace minerals. It is a true 'Breeder Cube' providing protein, high energy and performance for a beef cattle herd. More Info