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Delivering What You Need

Three tankwagons provide timely, cost-effective on-farm deliveries of up to 4,000 gallons of gasoline and diesel throughout the Brazos Valley. Transport deliveries of gasoline, diesel and aviation fuel are also available with minimal turn-around. On-farm storage tanks, pumps, hoses, nozzles and other accessories are stocked year-round.

  • Call the Petroleum office at (979) 778-6000 to schedule a delivery to your farm, ranch or business.
  • If you need larger volumes, call us to order a transport load of E-10 gasoline, diesel, or aviation fuel.
  • If you need to get a new location up and running, call us to get everything you need - fuel tanks, pumps, hoses, nozzles and other accessories.


Important information on Ethanol Blended Gasoline.

SPCC Regulations for fuel, oil storage tanks.

NOTE:  Purchasing Off-Road Dyed Diesel
To purchase off-road diesel, you will need to complete an application from the state comptroller's office.  For more information, call their office at (800) 252-1383.