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Winners Edge® Show Cattle Feed Additive WinnersEdge® Show Cattle additive
provides the total nutritional needs of the animal and the proper balance of
amino acids for the proper utilization of protein. It is fortified with all the
essential minerals and vitamins, buffer, amino acids, probiotic (microbial) and
enzymes that are deficient in all typical feed rations, both commercial and home
mixed! This product improves feed efficiency and bone growth, promotes
outstanding hair growth, better muscle tone, less fat-more bloom and less
stress. WINNERS EDGE® products are individually designed Chelated
Mineral-Vitamin Feed Additives for the different species of animals. They are
carefully formulated, all natural and designed to pay their own cost in feed
savings through outstanding feed conversion. They are not protein or
fatadditives! All WINNERS EDGE® FeedAdditives contain the proper ratio of macro
and micro minerals, vitamins, amino acids, buffer, probiotic and enzymes to
enable your animal to attain the maximum of its genetic potential and excel in
the show ring. WINNERS EDGE® Feed Additives contain one or more chelated
mineralswhich allows the mineral to be more rapidly absorbed into the animals
system. All of our feed additives contain an all-important buffer and our own
micro encapsulated microbials (probiotics) with enzymes designedto buffer and
balance the digestive tract of each animal and increase feed conversion. The
increased feed conversion enables the animal to convert its feed consumed into
meat, not fat! Outstanding feed conversion helps to promote better muscling. In
short, you have a healthier animal converting the feed it consumes into meat
production which saves you money and conditions the animal to reach its maximum
genetic potential.

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Weight 25 lbs