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Contains gamma-cyhalothrin, the latest technology for beef cattle in the pyrethroid class

Smaller dosage rates, thus lowering cost per head treated and less effect on the environment

No slaughter withdrawal time after usage

No dilution necessary, simply use as pour on along the back of beef cattle


StandGuard Pour-on is the ideal horn fly and lice control solution that is powerful, low-dose, and easy-to-use.

Product Description

CONVENIENT & READY TO USE — No dilution is necessary. Apply StandGuard Pour-on along the backline from poll to tailhead at the rate of:

  • Cattle weighing less than 600 lbs: 10mL (⅓ fl oz)
  • Cattle weighing more than 600 lbs: 15ml (½ fl oz)
    • One 900 mL bottle treats:
      • 90 head weighing less than 600 lbs
      • 60 head weighing 600 lbs or more
    • One 4.5 L bottle treats:
      • 450 head weighing less than 600 lbs
      • 300 head weighing 600 lbs or more