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Y-Tex Brute Pour-On


For effective control against biting and sucking lice, Gulf Coast ear ticks, and control of susceptible horn flies for up to 6 weeks. Also aids in control of other tick species, face, stable, horse, deer, house and black flies, and mosquitoes.


Ready-to-use, long-lasting formulation contains 10% permethrin – 10 times the concentration of most other pyrethroid pour-ons, requiring a lower dosage. No dilution necessary.


For use on lactating and non-lactating dairy and beef cattle, and horses. May also be used as a spray or wipe-on, in stables and livestock premises, and with backrubbers. No contraindications – can be used safely with other treatments and medications.


Dosage for cattle: For horn flies, apply 3 ml per 200 lbs body weight down midline of back over shoulders. For other pests, apply from poll down neck over shoulders. Repeat every 2 weeks as needed.


Requires no milk withholding or slaughter withdrawal. Easy to measure – 16 oz bottle features convenient 1/2 oz measuring chamber.


Brute Pour-on will not freeze and the small volume applied will not chill animals in winter. Non-systemic–can be used year-round without worry of the host/parasite reactions that sometimes occur with cattle grub treatments.