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Y-Tex Tri-Zap



TRI-ZAP is a sustained-release, plastic ear tag containing a synergized formulation of Zetacypermethrin, a potent, enriched S-isomer pyrethroid compound and Abamectin, a highly active macrocyclic lactone that has never before been used in combination on cattle. TRI-ZAP is for use on Beef and Dairy Cattle (including Lactating) and Calves to control Horn Flies, Face Flies, Lice and Spinose Ear Ticks.


Product Advantages:

  • TRI-ZAP is the only tag worldwide to contain a combination of pyrethroid and macrocyclic lactone compounds, both of which are synergized with Piperonyl Butoxide.
  • Labeled for use on Beef and Dairy Cattle, including calves and lactating Dairy Cows.
  • No withdrawal period for meat or milk.
  • Controls Horn Flies for up to four months with two tags per head.
  • Controls Face Flies (mechanical vector of Moraxella bovis, the bacterium which causes “Pink Eye” in cattle) in calves with two tags per head.
  • Reduces blood loss in cattle due to Horn Fly feeding.
  • One or two tags per head controls Face Flies for up to two months.
  • Two tags per head controls Lice and Spinose Ear Ticks for up to three months.
  • Has the Y-TEX Snap-Lok® collar for guaranteed retention against tag or button failure for five months.
  • For management of insecticide resistance, TRI-ZAP is ideal for rotation with other insecticide ear tags according to Y-TEX’s recommended rotation program.


For optimum control of all pests listed, use 2 tags per animal – 1 tag per ear.
(Tag all animals in the herd, including calves, and replace as necessary)

For adequate control of Horn Flies and Face Flies, use 1 tag per animal.
(Tag all mature animals in the herd and replace as necessary)