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Absorbine Hooflex Therapeutic Conditioner Liquid is an easy-to-apply
liquid that creates a breathable moisture barrier to help maintain a
long-lasting moisture balance. 15 ounce bottle of viscous liquid with brush
Active Ingredients: Neatsfoot Oil (Bubulum Oil) 22%, Lanolin 13%, Cloroxylenol
1.5% Inactive Ingredients: Paraffin, Mineral Oil (Paraffin Liquidum),
Petrolatum, Pinus Palatris Wood Tar, Rosin, Turpentine Directions to Maintain
Healthy Hooves: Clean hoof then apply small amount with brush to hoof wall and
coronet. Repeat weekly. For added protection, apply to hoof sole and frog to
restore and protect breathable moisture balance. For Cracked or Chipped Hooves:
Apply two or more times a week to hoof wall and sole until crack or chip grows
out. Check for infections that may prevent crack for growing out. If severe
bacteria or fungi are present, consult your veterinarian or farrier.

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