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Quality Assurance

PRODUCERS Cooperative Association Feed Safety and Quality Statement: 

“PRODUCERS dedicates itself to manufacturing safe and quality feed products while maintaining compliance of federal and state regulatory requirement. This is accomplished through continuous production evaluations and improvements, and employee involvement and commitment.”  


Throughout the years PRODUCERS has developed a level of expectation of standards from ourselves and our customers. Our QAQC Department complete with an in-house laboratory, is responsible for implementing and maintaining our Feed Safety and Quality Control Program. 


Creating a quality product begins with quality ingredients. Commodities used in our feeds have been carefully chosen by our Nutritionist for optimal results. A sample is collected of every incoming product and tested by our laboratory to ensure it meets its required specifications. Our lab is proud to be a certified participant of the Office of the Texas State Chemist’s (OTSC) One Sample Strategy Program. One Sample Strategy standardizes corn sampling and testing procedures to reduce variability of aflatoxin and fumonisin test results in corn 




Our finished feeds are evaluated using Near Infra-Red Reflectance Spectrometer (NIRS) technology, which verifies nutrient content such as protein, fat, and fiber.




Through years of research and data collection, we are able to determine acceptable limits of pellet durability, crumble particle sizes, and cube lengths. Random sampling is important to verify consistency of each batch of feed.    




While the use of data and technology are great resources, the greatest asset in our QAQC department are our extensively trained and highly qualified technicians. They proudly work diligently to provide accurate data and results that will directly translate into feed that you and your animals are sure to love.