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Who We Are

Mazuri® Exotic Animal Nutrition is a world leader in quality nutrition for virtually every living exotic animal. Since 1989, zoo professionals, veterinarians, breeders, and exotic pet owners have trusted their animals to Mazuri Exotic Animal Nutrition for their ongoing support of research and conservation. All Mazuri feeds produced through their main plant are drug and hormone free. These diets have been developed to offer the highest quality in exotic animal nutrition while being researched and tested at a variety of facilities.


  • Aquatic Gel Diet for Carnivorous Fish
  • Aquatic Gel Diet for Crustaceans
  • Aquatic Gel Diet for Herbivorous Fish
  • Aquatic Gel Diet for Omnivorous Fish
  • Aquatic Turtle Diet or Gel
  • Carnivorous Sea Turtle Gel, Meal, or Supplement
  • Fish Analog
  • Herbivorous Sea Turtle Gel, Meal, or Supplement
  • Koi Platinum Bits, Nuggets, Ogata
  • Koi Pond Nuggets
  • Low Calorie Aquatic Gel Diet
  • LS Aquatic Carni-Blend Diet
  • LS Aquatic Herbi-Blend diet
  • Marine Mammal Supplements
  • Reef Block Gel
  • Shark/Ray Gel, Meal, or Supplement
  • Thiamine-E


  • Auklet Supplement or Vitamin Meal
  • Bird of Prey Gel
  • Crane Diet
  • Diving Duck, Sea Duck, or Mini Bird Diet
  • Emu Maintenance
  • Exotic Gamebird Starter, Maintenance, or Breeder
  • Flamingo Breeder or Breeder Meal
  • Flamingo Complete Diet, Meal, or Bits
  • Hand Feeding Formula
  • High Energy, Nestling, or Ramphastid Hand Feeding Formula
  • Large Bird Diet
  • Lorikeet Diet
  • Ostrich Grower & Maintenance or Breeder
  • Parrot Breeder
  • Ratite Starter, Diet, or Breeder
  • Small & Large Bird Supplement
  • Small & Large Bird Supplement with Vitamin A
  • Small Bird Diet or Breeder
  • Softbill Diet for Iron Sensitive Birds
  • Waterfowl Starter, Maintenance, or Breeder
  • ZuLife Bird Gel

Small Animal

  • Amphibian & Carnivorous Reptile Gel
  • Bearded Dragon or Herbivorous Reptile Diet
  • Better-Bug or Hi-Calcium Gut Loading Diet
  • Callitrichid Gel- No Glucose Added or Heat Stable
  • Callitrichid Gel, Gel Plus, or Gel High D
  • Carnivorous Reptile Meal
  • Chinchilla, Hedgehog, or Ferret Diet
  • Cricket or Cockroach Diet
  • Crocodilian Diet – Small or Large
  • Crocodilian Gel
  • Electrolyte
  • Enrichment Gel, Berry
  • Enrichment Gum, Arabic
  • Fruit Bat Gel
  • Guinea Pig Basics
  • Insectivore Diet or Diet Meal
  • Insectivore Gel
  • Leaf-Eater Primate Diet- Biscuit or Mini Biscuit
  • Marmoset Jelly
  • Mealworm, Earthworm, or Waxworm Diet
  • Mini Pig Treats- Oat & Honey
  • Mini Pig Youth, Active Adult, or Mature Maintenance
  • Monkey Crunch 20 Biscuit
  • Mouse Breeder 9F or 11F
  • New World Primate Biscuit
  • Primate Basix
  • Primate Growth & Repro Biscuit
  • Primate High Fiber Sticks
  • Primate LS Biscuit- Small or Large
  • Primate LS Gel
  • Primate Maintenance or Browse Biscuit
  • Rat & Mouse Diet
  • Rodent Breeder 6F
  • Timothy-Based Guinea Pig or Rabbit Diet
  • Tortoise Diet
  • Tortoise or Small Tortoise LS Diet
  • Vita-Zu Primate Tab

Large Animal

  • ADF-25 or ADF-16 Herbivore Diet
  • Alpaca & Llama Maintenance Diet
  • Alpaca Care- Pellet or Crumble
  • Alpaca Performance or Complete Life
  • Browser Maintenance or Breeder
  • Browser Rhino Diet
  • Carnivore Supplement for Whole Prey or Slab Meat
  • Elephant Supplement
  • Emcelle Tocopherol
  • Exotic Canine Diet
  • Exotic Feline- Small or Large
  • Fiber Enhancer
  • Fishing Cat & Otter Supplement
  • Grain-Free Hay Enhancer
  • Hoofstock LS or Gel
  • Kangaroo/Wallaby
  • Llama Chews
  • Llama Diet High Fiber
  • Macropod LS
  • Moose Maintenance or Breeder
  • Petting Zoo Diet
  • Reindeer Plus
  • Sheep Locu
  • Vitamin E TPGS, 20% Solution
  • Vitamin/Mineral Blend E
  • Wild Carnivore Bear- Maintenance Diet
  • Wild Carnivore Bear Plus
  • Wild Carnivore Senior Supplement
  • Wild Herbivore Diet Hi-Fiber
  • Wild Herbivore Plus, Boost, or High Copper
  • Zebra Pellets


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