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Triple Crown Feed

Triple Crown

Triple Crown® Nutrition, Inc., headquartered in Minnesota, was established in 1989. They are dedicated to producing quality equine nutrition while each ingredient in Triple Crown horse feeds and products is carefully selected to offer adequate levels of each nutrient. All of their feeds contain EquiMix® , a unique blend of yeast cultures, organic minerals, prebiotics, probiotics and digestive enzymes,  to help promote essential gut health, optimize intestinal function and support the immune system.


Triple Crown’s full line of feeds features the building blocks that help your horse thrive: fiber, fat, vitamins, minerals and the unique EquiMix® blend.



Triple Crown’s forages are ideal to provide nutrition during hay shortages, as an alternative to grain-based diets and used as a supplement during times of stress.



Triple Crown’s line of Naturals includes feed, forages and supplements providing horses with wholesome, solid nutrition made with GMO free and soybean free ingredients, essential vitamins and nutrients.


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