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BioZyme® Inc. VitaFerm®

BioZyme® Inc, headquartered in Saint Joseph, MO, uses Amaferm®  in their products to increase digestion of feed and absorption of nutrients while maintaining a healthy gut. Amaferm is manufactured through the precise fermentation of Aspergillus oryzae and its performance benefits are very well researched and documented.

VitaFerm® is the beef cattle line of nutritional supplements crafted to maximize energy and forage utilization at all stages of production to ensure your herd is receiving excellent digestive health and nutrition resulting in high quality performance.

Vitaferm Concept•Aid® is a line of vitamin and mineral supplements for beef cattle formulated to promote effective, easy breeding when fed 60 days pre-calving through 60 days post-breeding. High concentrations of vitamin E and organic trace minerals, coupled with Amaferm, supports quick repair of the reproductive tract and more energy for reproductive success. Additionally, increased nutrient absorption and digestion leads to healthier and heavier calves giving you optimum performance.


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