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  • The
    ultimate livestock shampoo that is naturally healthy for hair.

  • Clear
    Choice is formulated with the purest grade of naturally organic, plant based
    resources that are pH balanced for the sensitive skin and hair of livestock .

  • This
    bio-based sur-factant technology attaches to dirt and pulls it away from the
    hair and skin for superior cleaning.

  • More
    importantly, being natural, it does not contain any harsh invasive detergents
    such as dish soaps, abrasives, petroleums, or solvents which can be irritating
    and strip the natural oils from your animal’s hair and skin. Fortified with
    the VITA HAIRâ„¢ nourishing vitamin package to stimulate faster hair growth and
    encourage skin health.

  •  Recommended
    for all livestock

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Weight 1 lbs