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EQ Truck & Trailer Wash dissolves very well in water and will deeply penetrate into all of the hard to clean areas of your vehicles and equipment. When foamed on properly and lightly scrubbed, it will help release dirt, grease, road grime, salts and stains while protecting and enhancing the finish and shine following rinsing.

EQ Truck & Trailer Wash is designed to help remove and inhibit rust on most metals. For heavy rust removal, foam product onto the rusted surface and allow it to dry. Rust on hardened or tempered metals may not be affected.

EQ Truck & Trailer Wash is:
-Safe & Effective.
-Easy & Quick.
-Free of Soap & Alcohol.
-Enhances Appearance of Aluminum & Stainless.
-Helps Remove and Prevent Rust (On Most Metals).

CAUTION: Product contains phosphoric acid. May cause irritation to eyes. May irritate sensitive skin. In case of eye contact flush with clean water for fifteen minutes. If in contact with sensitive skin, wash with soap and water. If irritation persists, seek medical attention.