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One AC Powder No sweat? One AC can help! Nutritional feed supplement
specifically developed for non-sweating horses to control anhydrosis. Sweat
allows animals to maintain their core internal temperature so essential
metabolic processes are not affected. By adding the additional stresses of heat
and humidity to a stressful training environment, some animals cannot produce
the necessary enzymes to produce sweat. One A C is a vitamin/mineral blend which
provides the raw nutrients needed to balance this depletion and help horses
start sweating again. See results in just 10-14 days. Contains (per lb)
guaranteed min 36% l-tyrosine, min 36,288 mg niacin, min 35,380 mg vitamin B6,
min 66,225 mg d-pantothenic acid and 145,152 mg choline. 1 A C is ideal for all
classes and breeds, especially for performance horses, broodmares and stallions.
Used by horse owners for over 15 years; field tested by the University of
Florida. No side effects; no animal has tested positive during use. Safe for
pregnant and lactating mares.

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